Facial Massage & Cupping Treatments

1 Hour  £45 | 15 Minute Facial Massage Add-On  £10 |

Facial Massage & Reflexology – 60 Minutes

Feel your tensions melt away with a facial massage using natural oils to nourish your skin. This is then followed by a neck, shoulder & scalp massage and to end you’ll get to experience the deep relaxation of Dien Chan Zone Facial Reflexology.

Facial Massage Add-On – 15 Minutes

Add a 15 minute facial massage onto your booking. This must NOT be booked alone and can only booked with any other full treatment except seated Indian Head Massage. Please arrive with no to minimal make up.

Facial Cupping – 60 Minutes

A gentle suction is created when a facial cup is squeezed over an area of the face. This encourages blood to flow towards the surface of the skin as the cups create a controlled mini-trauma in the same way micro-needling or derma rollers would. This prompts a healing response with more oxygenated blood flowing to the area.

Facial Cupping relaxes and tones the muscles in the face, boosts collagen production and stimulates the lymphatic system. By introducing this technique into your skin care routine, you’ll be left with skin that feels and looks more plump, healthy and glowing.

To start the treatment, flower water will be applied to gently cleanse the skin before applying a nourishing oil to the face, neck and décolleté. Varying sized cups will be used to stimulate the lymphatic system and perform the facial cupping procedure which also includes lips and eye area. The session will end using a cooling clear Quartz roller to support lymphatic drainage.

The session includes a relaxing scalp and facial massage.