Facial Reflexology – Dien Chan Zone

1 Hour  £30 |

Dien Chan Zone is a technique from Vietnam which has been adapted and Westernised in Italy. It treats symptoms in the body via stimulation of zones on the face to repair and prevent imbalance in the body. It aids deep relaxation like you’ve never experienced before – it is truly wonderful.

What to expect from your session:


As a qualified operator of this method – I will discuss your needs to understand which zones we will be working on during your session for example – for IBS or constipation I would work on the digestive system. Or for hormonal imbalances, pre or post menopause or issues with menstruation the reproductive system would be the area to focus on.


The treatment will be fully clothed laying on my massage table, ensuring you are as comfy as possible. No oil is applied to the skin and all I will be using will be my specialised tool to aid precise simulation of the zones on the face. I would however ask that any jewellery is removed prior to treatment.


After your treatment you will be given a GIFT – the gift of SELF CARE.

A personalised map will be provided along with advice on how to continue your treatment at home, allowing you to get the most out of this therapy. As with all reflexology treatments, the best results are seen the more regularly you have treatments and having the knowledge to work in-between seeing me allows you do just that.

Sessions include: consultation, treatment & self care advice